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ECS FutureWrap Structural

FutureWrap™ Structural – This repair product is designed to repair a variety of damaged or corroded structural components, e.g. struts, columns, I-beams, panels etc. It consists of a stitched carbon cloth and a two part epoxy resin system. The repair system can either be designed to withstand the applied loads or to re-instate the local loss of steel. The repair system can operate up to a maximum temperature of 260°C.

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ECS: Futurewrap Product Range

ECS Low Temp
ECS High Temp
ECS FutureWrap Structural
FutureWrap - HIDRS
ECS FutureWrap Aquasplash
FutureWrap - Live
ECS FutureWrap SOS
ECS FutureWrap Cunifer
ECS FutureWrap Glycol
ECS FutureWrap RFID

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