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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Industry


Engineered Composite Solutions understands that asset integrity management is paramount for offshore assets which withstand the severe conditions experienced in offshore environment causing severe corrosion degradation issues topside, splashzone and subsea. These damage mechanisms include internal and external corrosion / erosion, through wall defects, cracking, CUI and mechanical damage.

Our FutureWrap composite solutions have been specifically developed for all component types of pipework, tanks and vessels, structural components, high impact deck areas, caissons and risers, pipework within the splash zone and subsea.


Renewable Energy

Engineered Composite Solutions - Renewable Energy


Engineered Composite Solutions understands the shift from oil and gas to greener renewable energy and the challenges the renewables sector faces. As the renewable sector grows so does the need for maintenance and repair.

FutureWrap offers cost-effective repair solutions for both offshore and onshore wind turbines and support structures. Any damage from impacts or over-stressing can be repaired easily and in a timely fashion.  Our solutions are compatible with all composite materials, including glass-fibre.




For on-shore applications in refineries, chemical plants and power stations (both nuclear and conventional) FutureWrap repairs can be used to repair a whole host of integrity issues on pipework, pipelines, tanks and vessels and structural components.

The most common integrity mechanism is CUI (corrosion under insulation) and CUPS (Corrosion under pipe supports). Applying a FutureWrap repair will prevent this mechanism from continuing.

For the various pipework on onshore plants, FutureWrap has been designed to be compatible with the wide range of internal media and a wide range of pressures and temperatures causing internal / external degradation.

Engineered Composite Solutions understands that different commercial requirements in the variety of different industries making FutureWrap a cost effective alternative to onshore standard methods of repair.


Working globally

Engineered Composite Solutions - working globally

Other sectors

Although Engineered Composite Solutions has a head office, warehouse and training facilities in Aberdeen, that doesn’t hold us back or restrict us to where we work, ECS can accommodate our clients requirements no matter where in the world you are based.

Working globally, our team of industry experts are here to help.  Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.


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