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FutureWrap Bio

FutureWrap Bio FutureWrap Bio is an eco-friendly composite repair system designed for repairing defects on pipework. It consists of a stitched glass cloth and a two part epoxy resin system. The repair system can operate up to temperatures of 110°C and up to pressures of 350 bar for non-through wall defects and 75 bar for through wall defects. This repair system is ambient cured. Pipework materials that the repair system can be applied to include carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex steel, super duplex steel and 13Cr.

Manufactured from 70% plant oil, FutureWrap Bio will allow operators to carry out pipe repairs in a more sustainable manner. 

Unlike traditional composite repair systems that are manufactured using hydrocarbon-based feedstock, FutureWrap Bio is manufactured using 70% plant oil for its epoxy system, making it more environmentally sustainable than other composite repair systems.  Rigorous tests conducted by ECS have proven the plant-based system to be equally as durable and strong as alternatives. 

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