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FutureWrap Fire

FutureWrap Fire

FutureWrap Fire FutureWrap Fire composite repair system is specifically designed for the repair of pipework or structural components where a fire performance rating is required. 

The repair system consists of three elements:


  • A FutureWrap carbon or glass HT repair
  • A FutureWrap carbon or glass fire repair
  • A FutureWrap fire top coat.


The E-glass reinforcement architecture of the fibres is designed to optimise the strength and stiffness of the repair for both through wall and non-through wall defects in pipework. The carbon reinforcement is designed to optimise strength and stiffness of the repair for defects in structural components. The carbon or glass HT repair will share the load and leak sealing capability with the carbon or glass fire repair.

The Epoxy matrix (Fire resin and fire coating) is a two-part ambient cure epoxy system and is specially designed to intumesce providing the necessary thermal protection when exposed to a hydrocarbon fire.  

FutureWrap Fire has a fire rating up to A90 and H60.

For more information download our spec sheet:


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