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Case study – 3 inch condensate line

Integrity issue

A 3 inch condensate line was suffering from external corrosion. In some parts of the line the remaining wall thickness was less than 1 mm. It was proposed to use a Futurewrap composite repair to reinstate the integrity of the pipework.


The design of the Futurewrap repair was according to ISO 24817.  The design approach was for pipework strengthening taking allowance of the minimum remaining wall thickness of the pipework of 0.7 mm. The design parameters were; internal pressure 50 bar, temperature 850C, design lifetime 15 years, no through wall defect. The repair design resulted in a thickness of 5.1 mm (7 layers) of Futurewrap Glass/LT repair with an axial length 480 of mm.


The installation steps are shown in the photographs. The pipework was depressurised. The surface preparation was to ST3. Full QA/QC measurements were made to demonstrate that the Futurewrap repair was applied in accordance with ISO 24817.


A 3 inch condensate line suffering external corrosion was repaired using a Futurewrap Glass/LT composite repair.  The repair was completed within 3 days allowing the pipework to be re-pressurised and returned to its original integrity.

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