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Engineered Composite Solutions is the company behind FutureWrap. FutureWrap is a unique engineered composite repair system for the Oil & Gas Sector, Refineries, Chemical Plants, Power Stations (both nuclear and conventional) and Renewable Energy Sector. With a highly experienced team, ECS is a leading supplier of engineered composite systems in the energy sector.

Our aim is to deliver high quality repairs, with an excellent service and long-term testing and innovative approach. We harness the latest resin and cloth technology to offer a high-quality repair system. FutureWrap closes existing technology gaps within the composite repair industry to ensure cost effective and time efficient solutions.

Behind the scenes is an accomplished and passionate team with years of experience in composite industry.

All FutureWrap composite repair systems have been tested and qualified to ISO24817.


Our Products

FutureWrap is a family of individually designed products and qualified to ISO24817 which is unique to ECS, which offer clients a repair solution for their individual needs.
FutureWrap has been carefully engineered with our clients at heart. Each product demonstrates that we are listening to their individual integrity issues, whilst saving them time and costs.


FutureWrap Features & Benefits

  • Can be applied to live lines resulting in no need for shutdown
  • Requires no hot work permit
  • Cost effective and state of the art composites
  • Corrosion resistant resulting in no maintenance requirements
  • High temperature and chemical resistant
  • High adhesion quality resulting in a superior bonded repair
  • Speedy and cost-effective repair solution versus replacement
  • Industry renowned technical support by Professor Simon Frost
  • Can be applied by rope access
  • ECS can mobilise a fully independent team – no need for platform assistance
  • 24/7 Operational and Technical support
  • ECS Warranty for up to 20 years

Our Company

Our aim is to deliver high quality repairs with excellent service.  Our ethos is “Back to Basics - Service, Delivery, Innovation".  We are experts in our field and solely focused on composite solutions.  Our priority is our clients and we offer top class service and delivery and are committed to the industry and our clients through “innovation".  We believe in long term testing and this, together with our drive on innovation, allows us to deliver the best technology available, with our ongoing promise to solve the integrity issues for each one of our clients.

We are lucky to have on board industry renowned technical director, Professor Simon Frost, and a team of highly enthusiastic and experienced technicians within the composite industry.

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